Create an additional revenue stream

NORAP is changing the stigma surrounding the rental business. With our systems and designations setting you apart from your colleagues, you will soon have the right rental clients seeking you out, paying for your services, and eagerly sending you referrals.

Get paid to create your business

80 percent of your business could come from 20 percent of your current clients and customers. Identify that 20 percent and provide them with extraordinary service to get paid while building your business.

Average Rent (1BD)

San Francisco, CA: $3,500    New York, NY: $2,750
San Jose, CA: $2,490             Boston, MA: $2,450
Los Angeles, CA: $2,420       Oakland, CA: $2,350
Washington, DC: $2,100       San Diego, CA: $1,950
Seattle, WA: $1,900                Miami, FL: $1,800

Become a true real estate resource

“Agents usually focus on short-term, ‘one-and-done’ lead generation. Instead, if you focus on creating a name for yourself in a particular niche, you will yield ongoing leads.” –Sep Niakan, Owner & Broker, HB Roswell Realty

Set your price and get paid

A carefully crafted business plan, including a payment plan, is crucial for success. Holding a RAP designation demonstrates your expertise in rental services so you can create and stick to a payment plan.

Build a Loyal Customer Base

Referral marketing builds a base of satisfied customers. The cycle self-perpetuates, with more satisfied customers referring others to your company. It’s the free advertising service that keeps on giving.

By becoming a NORAP member, completing included educational programs, and staying current with industry trends, members can help their clients achieve their goals and improve their services in the process. This, in turn, cultivates a sphere of leads that trust your professionalism and will cheerfully refer you.

Designation: Rental Agent Professional $199

Immediate recognition of a professional who has a specialty, making it easier for leads to find you. Provides depth to your branding process as you work towards earning the CRP.

Team Lead & Members $499

NORAP gives the team leader tools to systemize the rental process, creating an instant income stream and building leads for the team’s future. As team leader, you can use the tools included with your membership to design a plan and train your team your way.

Designation: Certified Rental Company $999

This designation signifies a company’s commitment to developing agents’ skills as rental experts. Your agents can receive their RAP and CRP certifications through this level of membership, learning vital concepts about rentals, lowering your liability as a company, and creating a better environment for your rental clients. NORAP also offers continuous membership training beyond the two certifications to keep your agents sharp as they represent your company in the field.

By becoming a member today, you can immediately learn practical skills for leveraging the rental market to earn a profit while growing your business.

Join our community of rental professionals as we create leaders, cultivate steady growth, and raise standards


By joining NORAP, you will learn to include rental services as part of your business. Instead of spending on marketing and promotion, you can earn money as you grow your business and develop a loyal referral sphere. As a broker firm, you will foster an environment of team growth and client-centric service to the benefit of all.

By joining NORAP you become part of a group of real estate professionals that include rentals services as part of their business specialties.

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The CRC certification is awarded to a real estate company and/or brokerage in which all the rental real estate professionals have obtained either the RAP or CRP and maintain compliance with all fair housing and landlord tenant laws within their state.

Certified Rental Company

Pledge of Membership

Becoming a member of NORAP requires your pledge to adhere to all state licensing requirements and the code of ethics of all your associations, as well as to provide your services with honesty and integrity.

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