Open houses often take all day, but they don’t need to, especially for rental properties. Results from real estate agents across the country suggest that just 15 minutes is enough time to hold a successful rental open house. This offers several advantages to real estate agents, saving time and allowing agents to hold several open houses in a single day. This, in turn, can lead to a real estate agent regularly completed numerous successful and lucrative transactions in a single weekend.

When planning a 15-minute rental open house, there are three steps that can make all the difference: advertising, collecting information, and confirming with potential attendees. By including the right information in your advertisement, collecting information from interested parties, and confirming with those who sign up before the open house, you ensure that your open house will be well-attended and successful.

If you’d like more specific instructions how to plan and execute a 15-minute rental open house, become a NORAP member today. Not only will you get access to certifications and multimedia resources; you’ll be able to read the full version of this article, which includes detailed instructions on what to put in your advertisement, what information to share with interested parties before the event, and even how to benefit from a canceled open house. You can use 15-minute rental open houses to give your real estate venture a valuable boost, and NORAP is pleased to help you achieve that goal.

The RAP designation acknowledges the additional education and specialist of real estate professionals who assist Landlords and Tenants through the renting process. 

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The CRC certification is awarded to a real estate company and/or brokerage in which all the rental real estate professionals have obtained either the RAP or CRP and maintain compliance with all Fair Housing and Landlord Tenant laws within their state. 

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