How to Screen Prospective Tenants and Clients Interested in Advertised Listings

Are you having a hard time screening potential tenants and clients?

Having a systematic pre-qualification process is key to ensuring the best experience for yourself and for those you work with. Create your own solid pre-qualification process by doing your research, considering your own qualification needs, and checking with other professionals.

Doing Your Research

First, in order to create a good pre-qualification process, you need to do some research. The property management companies you work with; this is a good place to start, since your clients and tenants need to match their criteria. This information may be available on the websites of the companies or upon request.

Once you’ve acquired the pre-qualification standards of any companies you work with, it’s time to factor in any pre-qualification needs of your own. If they aren’t included in the property management companies’ standards, you may want to add income-to-debt ratios and minimum amounts of income to qualify (based on the property price) to your own list of requirements.


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