Is there a lot of competition among real estate agents in your neighborhood?

Are you looking for ways to make your services stand out from the competition?

Wondering what an escrow account is, and how it affects you?

Interested in ways to reduce your liability, as well as your clients’ liability, when it comes to all those complicated landlord-tenant laws?

Our full article on performing rental services provides professional tips for serving tenant and landlord clients in five areas of the leasing process: the screening and application process, the leasing document, move-in and move-out day, the handling of funds, and ending your interaction with your client. Learn about online resources available for creating important professional documents and the important line that you cannot cross when explaining leasing laws to your clients. By providing an in-depth walkthrough of how to improve and stand out as a real estate agent during these processes, our article can help you curate your own standard method of providing rental services to your clients that will give you a consistently positive and professional reputation in your community.

These valuable tips and tricks of the rental process will grow your business and your personal reputation as a professional real estate agent. You will be better equipped to create methods that will allow you to provide outstanding services to clients, ensure compliance with landlord-tenant laws, and reduce anxieties on both ends about the whole process. Subscribe to NORAP today to access all of this and more.