Breaking the taboos of the Rental Business

“So what is this designation really going to do for me?”


NORAP was established to break the taboos of the rental business by openly sharing the systems that make rentals profitable.

NORAP offers designations that will assist you in creating a niche market. By leveraging your new RAP, CRP, & CRC credentials, you can carve out a new revenue stream or increase the traffic of your current business.

Broker/Company Resource

NORAP provides brokers and companies the tools to educate and motivate their teams. We train agents on how to legally and ethically perform rental transactions, leveraging rentals into future business opportunities.

CRC-Certified Rental Co.

NORAP wants to partner with you to elevate the rental business. NORAP created a designation for brokers and companies that will be a powerful marketing tool, not just for rental business, but for recruiting the right agents for your team.

NORAP strives to provide a valuable designation and systems for rental services based on our collective community.

Courses seclections from:

RAP ~ CRP ~ CRC    Designations

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NORAP is committed to making education easy, attainable, and affordable for any agent. We have put together a few pages from each certification so you can get a feel for the material and presentation. The courses are not timed; you can work at your own pace.

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Breaking the taboos of the Rental Business

Inconsistency coupled with a lack of accountability and proper protocol make rental services seem like an afterthought. With proper training and the right tools, rental services can be a catalyst for individual, team, and brokerage/company growth.

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