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The 15-minute Rental Open House

Open houses often take all day, but they don’t need to, especially for rental properties. Results from real estate agents across the country suggest that just 15 minutes is enough time to hold a successful rental open house. This offers several advantages to real...

Creating a Standard Screening Process

Are you longing for a streamlined system that ensures compliance with fair housing laws and creates continuity in you or your organization’s rentals? Wondering what fair housing is and who it protects? In need of a step-by-step screening process that will keep you and...

Performing Rental Services

Is there a lot of competition among real estate agents in your neighborhood? Are you looking for ways to make your services stand out from the competition? Wondering what an escrow account is, and how it affects you? Interested in ways to reduce your liability, as...

Pre-Qualification is Key

How to Screen Prospective Tenants and Clients Interested in Advertised Listings Are you having a hard time screening potential tenants and clients? Having a systematic pre-qualification process is key to ensuring the best experience for yourself and for those you work...

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