The RAP designation acknowledges the additional education and specialization of real estate professionals who assist landlords and tenants through the rental process.

Rental Agent Professional

The CRP certification signifies the real estate agent’s experience and success as an elite professional providing rental services.

Certified Rental Professional

As the real estate rental market evolves, the need for education and resources is becoming even greater for rental service professionals. 

Why should your company become a leader in rental services?

Certified Rental Company

This designation sets your company apart as one that encourages team growth through education and referral building.

Create Your Niche

You can’t be all things to all people, but you can be the best at your niche. Create yours.

Become a True Rental Professional

Be the one in the room that gets noticed. Set yourself apart from the start with the right designations and certifications.

Cultivate Your Sphere of Leads

It’s not just who you run into—it’s who you keep in contact with. Be the first real estate agent your circle thinks of when someone asks for a recommendation.

Advertise Rentals, Market Yourself

Make it easy for your clients to recognize you. Learn to use every image, ad, blog, and post to reflect your brand.

Tracking your leads, creating your future

Don’t reinvent wheel, use it.  Choose the right CRM for your needs and get to know it.

Set a Standard for the Screening Process

Create a plan in accordance with Fair Housing and local laws to help you find well-informed clients who are ready to rent.

Set Your Pricing

Establish fair rates and get paid to create your real estate business.

Utilize Your Time to Maximize Income

Become the true real estate resource for everyone you know and everyone they know.


By joining NORAP, you will learn to include rental services as part of your business. Instead of spending on marketing and promotion, you can earn money as you grow your business and develop a loyal referral sphere. As a broker firm, you will foster an environment of team growth and client-centric service to the benefit of all.

Stand out from the start

NORAP helps real estate agents establish themselves as true real estate resources for their clients. By joining a membership program, you align yourself with one of the largest groups of professionals specializing in the business of rentals, gaining immediate credibility.

NORAP offers education through:

Designations & Certifications
NORAP offers its members three designations. These designations set the rental professional and company apart, making it easier to attract leads.
Forms & Material
We are constantly compiling forms and material helpful to rental real estate, including templates, sample forms, case studies, and more. Members may also add to this library.
Video How-to's

Convenient tutorial videos by a variety of contributors cover topics such as organization, rental open houses, legal obligations, and troubleshooting.

Podcasts & Boot Camps

Leading industry professionals share their successes, failures, best practices, and industry tips. Subjects include time management, marketing and advertising, business building for the rental agent professional, and more.

Affiliate Offers and Resources

Members can access exclusive opportunities from hand-picked vendors servicing real estate professionals. For affiliates, we offer a unique opportunity for select vendors to provide our members a discount on their services while utilizing this valuable networking membership site.

Professional & Team Member

Get access to two certification courses (RAP or CRP) as part of your first annual term. This level gets you full access to all the membership has to offer, including forms and materials, video how-to’s, podcasts, industry networking, and mentoring.

Affiliate Membership

Enjoy annual membership and the ability to offer promotions, discounts, products, and services to members. There is a minimum 10% discount to members required as an affiliate.

Company/Brokerage Member

Provides CRC program certification for up to 20 professionals (RAP or CRP) as part of your first annual term. This level gets your team full access to all the membership has to offer, including forms and materials, video how-to’s, podcasts, industry networking, and mentoring. The professional certifications will assist in elevating your team by providing education, best practices, and a systematic method for increasing business through rental referrals and services. Various programs available for all size firms.

Pledge of Membership

Becoming a member of NORAP requires your pledge to adhere to all state licensing requirements and the code of ethics of all your associations, as well as to provide your services with honesty and integrity.

Strength in numbers. Members count!