This designation is the first step to becoming a true rental professional along with the CRP giving your immediate expertise in the field

Training plays a key role in employee commitment


Completing this certification will give your company immediate recognition as a Certified Rental Comany

NORAP has a growing resource library for Members

The 15-minute Rental Open House

Open houses often take all day, but they don’t need to, especially for rental properties. Results from real estate agents across the country suggest that just 15 minutes is enough time to hold a successful rental open house. This offers several advantages to real...

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Creating a Standard Screening Process

Are you longing for a streamlined system that ensures compliance with fair housing laws and creates continuity in you or your organization’s rentals? Wondering what fair housing is and who it protects? In need of a step-by-step screening process that will keep you and...

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Performing Rental Services

Is there a lot of competition among real estate agents in your neighborhood? Are you looking for ways to make your services stand out from the competition? Wondering what an escrow account is, and how it affects you? Interested in ways to reduce your liability, as...

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Audio Files

NORAP has developed educational Designation and Certification programs that assist members in obtaining service specific education associated with rental services

What is your scope of service?

You can’t be all things to all people but you can be the best at your niche; create yours.

Becoming a true rental professional

Be the one in the room that gets noticed.  Setting yourself apart from the start.

Cultivating your sphere of leads

It’s not just who you run into, it’s who you keep in contact with.  Be in the forefront of your circle’s minds.

Advertising rentals: Marketing yourself

Every image, ad, blog and post should reflect your brand. Make it easy for your clients to recognize you.

Tracking your leads, creating your future

Don’t reinvent wheel, use it.  Choose the right CRM for your needs and get to know it.

Set a standard for the screening process

Create a plan in accordance with the Fair Housing and local laws to create a well informed client who’s ready to rent.

How to set your pricing

Get paid to create your real estate business.

Utilizing your time to maximize income

Become the true real estate resource for everyone you know and they know.


A memebership organization of real estate professionals who provide rental services through education, experience, and best business practices. Each member of NORAP has pledged to serve their clients, customers and the public with honesty, integrity, and professionalisms. Truely becoming a real estate source for everyone your know and they know.

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