Picture this scenario: Every day at work, you assist a new client with a problem. You complete a transaction, get paid, and add that person to your list of satisfied past clients. Every day, that list grows, and you get more and more referrals.

Does that sound like a dream? If so, you’ll be pleased to know that it could easily come true. While many real estate agents spend money advertising and average 2-3 clients a year, others help new clients every day, getting paid to grow their sphere of influence. How? By tapping into a neglected market.



How Serving the Underserved Can Grow Your Sphere of Influence

This market is present in every area and presents several unique advantages. It can provide loyal, consistent referrals if you choose to serve them. Because it doesn’t take as long to complete these transactions, you can complete far more of them than with traditional buy/sell transactions. With a larger number of transactions, you’ll increase your former client list much faster than most real estate agents, making it easier to find buy/sell clients down the line. Since the top-producing real estate agents work almost exclusively off referrals, this tactic will give you the same advantage as some of the best agents in the industry.

The RAP designation acknowledges the additional education and specialist of real estate professionals who assist Landlords and Tenants through the renting process. 

Rental Agent Professional

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The CRC certification is awarded to a real estate company and/or brokerage in which all the rental real estate professionals have obtained either the RAP or CRP and maintain compliance with all Fair Housing and Landlord Tenant laws within their state. 

Certified Rental Company