Are you longing for a streamlined system that ensures compliance with fair housing laws and creates continuity in you or your organization’s rentals?

Wondering what fair housing is and who it protects?

In need of a step-by-step screening process that will keep you and your applicants happy?

Confused about where to start?

Creating a Standard Screening Process

by | May 14, 2019 | Summaries | 0 comments

This article will give you the who, what, where, why, and how of a standard screening process for your prospective tenants. Get an overview of fair housing laws and the types of protected classes you may encounter, information about the kind of criteria and background you may be looking for in your applicants, and ideas about where to find resources, whether that be reaching out to other local organizations or relying on feedback from within your organization. Whether you would like to use credit, public records, or social media to screen your applicants, this content will teach you how to create a step-by-step process that will not only identify important criteria to consider, but also outline how to handle these criteria once you have them in order to comply with fair housing standards.