If you’re like most real estate agents, you could use more business. However, you, like most agents, may be overlooking a method that you knew about all along. When you became a new agent, your broker or office manager’s recommendation was likely that you assist people with trying to find a rental home. Because these transactions don’t pay as well as buyer or seller transactions, most real estate agents immediately move on to the seemingly bigger quarry of assisting buyers and sellers.

Our advice? Not so fast. Because very few real estate agents take on rental clients, let alone advertise rental services, there is a big hole in the market for those that do. There are three major advantages to helping people search for, apply for, and view rental properties, and with proper care, these grateful renters can help a real estate agent exponentially grow their business. Real estate agents who offer services to people seeking rental properties tend to be the highest performers in their offices.

Since these rental property services seem like small game, why go after them? How can they help you get paid to grow your real estate business? Become a NORAP member today to access the full article, which includes the three major advantages to this method and explains how it can help your venture quickly grow and thrive.